You want to know what Hypergrid.Network stands for? The answer I have for you depends on the time you want to ‘spend’ in listening.

The best start is to ‘work around’ and look into the past of Digital art [page 53ff] – here: German version at Telepolis. How Digital art appeared out of an impulse, then became a dream, ‘a cloud’ in our brains then reality. Now this reality has to face business targets. Luckily I experienced all these steps as I am one of the ‘old Geeks’. I rote my first assembler on WANG 600 as I was 14. With 18 I became assistant professor for computer graphics at the University of Munich … [thanks to Prof. Herbert W. Franke and Prof. Hans Daucher]. With 25 I became CTO of a US supercomputer manufacturer. I set up a technology fond for investors at Cayman Islands which collapsed in the bank crises. My ‘ladder to success came to an end’ on the hyper, hyper, faster mentality that took control all over. In 2013 I decided to retire from hard business and went back to my roots: to bring focus in education fields to Digital [programmed] art. This is my mission. All my inventions, ideas and the developments made by friends and helpers are set under MIT/ open license as CC BY-SA. This is Hypergrid.Network. Join it!

Now I am 56 and director of ‘Stiftung Kunstinformatik’ [Programmed Art Foundation] – a non profit art trust. We offer open seminars worldwide for Universities and schools of art free of charge.

Hypergrid.Net seeks ways  to keep Digital art alive and accessible by using opensource concepts …

As my project VULCANICUS is connected via hyperjump to uri:hypergrid.org:8002 – means grid Metropolis – I decided to use this technology for the first could party at opensim 🙂


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